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Mini Poncho Pal Davosaurus Dinosaur Hooded Poncho Towel UPF 50+

Tired of chasing your little tyke around with a towel? Banish those chills forever with the Davosaurus Dinosaur Mini Poncho Pal hooded towel, the perfect accessory for beach and pool excursions and for post-bath cuddles! They’ll slip this one-size-fits-all poncho on in record time, you can laugh as they stomp around with their dino-hood, and their skin will be protected from the sun by its UPF 50+ rating. Plus, the quick-drying cotton fabric makes sure they don’t wait long for their next funny feud with the giant dino-pal. Take that, old-school towels!

  • Size: 50cm x 100cm when open flat
  • Age range: 1-3 years
  • Material: 100% Cotton


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Mini Poncho Pal Davosaurus Dinosaur UPF 50+

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Age range 1-3yrs